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Will Stellar (XLM) Go with the Bearish Flow in the Near-term?

Stellar (XLM) price has mostly managed to hold its ground against bear pressure. The price movements of the coin for the past month echoes the heavy bearish sentiment that has taken over the crypto market, though XLM put up a good fight during the time period. The price of XLM has been fluctuating in the range between $0.06 – $0.09.

Stellar Price Analysis

Stellar (XLM) Price NewsXLM coin has been trying to push away the bear pressure, as evident from the 30-day price movement. The coin was trading below the baseline on January 27, but then, it started upside movement and marked an 11.97% hike on February 02 and reached $0.0650. After two days, the price of Stellar cryptocurrency fell to $0.0623, showing a downward variation of 4.07%. On February 09, XLM coin went on an upward rally at $0.0733 by 11.67% hike.

On February 11, the price of Stellar price again had a fall at $0.0692, showing a downward movement to the tune of 5.41%. After this fall, the XLM coin marked a huge hike of 24.83% and reached $0.08630. Due to mounting bull pressure, the price again went down to 27.67% on February 26 at $0.0624. At the time of writing, Stellar coin recorded a fall, and it reached $0.0591.

XLM coin has been trying level best to beat the bears at their own game, but the strong bearish sentiment has made it difficult for the coin. Analysts expect the ongoing trend to continue in the short run but expect the coin to get back to its stellar performance during the year. Investors should not despair and continue to hold investments from a long-term perspective.

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