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VALR launches in South Africa with the Bittrex, a global blockchain

VALR is a new exchange of cryptocurrency. It has been organized in South Africa. It is partnered with the company Bittrex.

VALR is offering a new trading policy of exchange to the customers. And this provides to the customers only for the virtual currency assets. This plan was taken into the African market and totally expanded.

The new trading is launched with the feature of a simple buy and sell process. This process is allowing the customers to exchange the trading system against Ether and Bitcoin and more than 50 different kinds of cryptocurrencies.

The platform is using machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is to streamline the ID verification process. So, this process will take a few minutes to verify the new user’s verification. The plan intends to launch entirely- to- crypto trading and more advanced crypto to crypto trading options.

Cryptocurrency world is the main role always been played in South Africa. Always the interest for the bitcoins and other virtual currencies will be high in South Africa. Even, according to the Google standards, South Africa always is the first country in the world for the interest of Bitcoins and virtual world.

The central bank of South Africa is involved in the crypto world and digital currencies. So, the central bank was performing a blockchain trail to develop the financial transactions. Even local regulatory agencies are working to offer for the firms related to taxes.

The former CEO of the National Bank said that VALR has to allow all the cryptocurrencies and other virtual currencies available by getting the partnership with Bittrex. This partnership is providing international liquid assets. And it is also offering competitive prices all over the world by doing some practices. It is developing to expand the crypto from all over the world.

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