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Transport for London Urges Crackdown on Floki Inu Advertisements

Floki Inu began with a tweet from Elon Musk that discussed the billionaire announcing his pup’s name as Shiba Inu Floki, a spate of ‘Floki’ dog coins sprang up, the most successful of which was Floki Inu. Meme tokens in the market behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It’s backed by a community of dedicated enthusiasts and a strong marketing campaign. Transport for London urges a crackdown on Floki Inu advertisements.

A recent Floki Inu marketing campaign on the London Underground caused a stir. One politician described the campaign as “unethical.” BSC News speaks to both parties in the debate. 

Floki Inu Underground Transport for London (TfL) was urged to crack down on cryptocurrency advertising after a member of the London Regional Assembly disagreed with it. 

Despite the headlines in various publications suggesting that the complaint led to repression, the allegation appears to have had little effect so far. After the greatest scrutiny, Transport for London wanted to clarify its position.

It was a balanced yet fair response from the Transport Authority, but it will do little to some to satisfy the Greens’ policies targeted by Memecoin. Berry has decided for advertising to be banned on both trains and stations. 

While the recent calls to end the crypto announcements could be seen as not positive to the entire industry, the immediate winner appears to be Floki Inu generating even more free advertising for the coin.

While Floki Inu’s initial advertising campaign was limited to the UK’s underground and stations only, increased scrutiny and press coverage has resulted in additional exposure to Memecoin across the country.

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