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The Digital Commodity Exchange now available on Hedera

The Digital Commodity Exchange, which happens to be a retinue of secure and segregated agricultural platforms, has now successfully positioned itself on the Hedera mainnet. The DCX platforms have been critical in addressing market connectivity and all price-related factors ranging from fertilizers to rice.

The additional advantage derives from the fact that important and significant issues like fraudulent acts and risk factors are reduced to the barest minimum as a result of the clarity, audibility, and additional boost that are suitably received from Hedera’s new-age type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). In the bargain, and for the convenience of all of the users, the trust and dependability factors increase exponentially.

In the current situation, the constantly changing and unstable market-related environment, it becomes incredibly important to ensure a fair degree of confidence and faith where all of the connected producers, distributors, and ultimately the entire community of customers are concerned. This is particularly true when it comes to already-existing end-to-end supply chains. 

In terms of their dealings and whether they are legal, the participants in this need to establish a certain level of trustworthiness. Additionally, they require reassurance that the associated risk factors are kept to an absolute minimum. Additionally, they need to be certain that every step of the discussions can be independently verified by a third party, which is another factor that is equally important to all of the above.

Edward Nash

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