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Phantom decides to launch on Polygon and Ethereum

Phantom, which happens to be an absolute top-of-the-line non-custodial crypto wallet, is making the necessary addition of browser, iOS, and Android support for the Polygon Network. This has been done with the goal of finally achieving their goal of transforming their multi-chain futuristic desire into a complete reality. Simultaneously, Phantom has also taken the firm decision to launch on both Polygon and Ethereum.

The launch program is going to be carried out with the plan of being able to offer a larger number of users, who will then get duly connected with Web3. This task will be ably carried out through a smooth, safe, and somewhat easy process, with the ultimate aim of providing the opportunity for effectively connecting with NFTs and all of the decentralized applications involved. The privately held multi-chain beta will be placed in a position where it will go live as a further plan of the expert and professional team at Phantom. This occurrence is very much due in the very near future. Ultimately, once all of these processes are actively put in place, there will be a public launch. 

In its endeavors, Phantom will be in the position of adequately providing all solutions related to the needs of the users while they happen to be in a single spot. The security standards for all users will be raised as well. According to Brandon Millman, the CEO and co-founder of Phantom, they avoid using separate web browsers for different types of websites. In his opinion, the need of the hour for the crypto community is a wallet that will possess the ability to connect smoothly with the various blockchains. This is true regardless of the device being utilized.

Phantom not only provides a secure location for your data, but it also provides advanced security options like automated warnings about potentially dangerous transactions and the ability to “Burn NFT” to delete unwanted NFTs. Phantom, a product originally developed by Solana, has become one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency wallets, amassing over 3 million active users in less than a year since its debut.

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