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The Book by the Founders of BlockchainArmy Reached the Sales of 25K

The Founders of BlockchainArmy, Ali Sina User and Erol User have successfully sold 25,000 copies of the book authored by them. The book, titled “Blockchain: A New Model for Economy,” demonstrates many concepts, as well as features of the blockchain technology.

Ali Sina User, the COO and Co-Founder of BlockchainArmy, came forward to share that the book has attempted to exhibit the features and concepts of the blockchain technology that might be widely extensible to various situations. Explaining further, Ali stated that such features apply across varied segments, including health, government, science, publishing, art, culture, literacy, and economic development (Blockchain 3.0), in addition to the payments and currency context (Blockchain 1.0). These are also relevant to property, contracts, and all the transactions of the financial markets (Blockchain 2.0). It can be applied to facilitate orders-of-magnitude large-scale human advancement, the founder added.

He also brought to notice the fact that blockchain is similar to any other newer technologies that tend to disrupt the set conventional market initially, while it goes on to encourage the growth of a bigger ecosystem that combines the new innovation with the old means, over time. The technology of blockchain can contribute to a future world that includes decentralized and centralized models.

A few examples were also cited in this context, talking about how the emergence of radio went on to escalate record sales or how Kindle and other e-readers have raised the sales of books. In this way, blockchain technology, over a period of time, can have an existence in a bigger ecosystem that has both decentralized and centralized models.

For those who are unaware, BlockchainArmy is a global blockchain consulting company operating in the space of venture creation, capital consulting, and development of blockchain technology. It has its headquarters in Rotterdam City and Istanbul. The firm is known to provide top-quality blockchain consulting services to clients across the globe. The team is working on diverse solutions, ranging from taxation and agriculture to healthcare and government solutions.

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