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Struct Finance is positioned on Avalanche C-Chain

Struct Finance, which is an organized finance protocol, is now positioned on Avalanche C-Chain. The entity is actively involved in providing interest rate vaults, along with a tranching system for the benefit of DeFi users. This enables them to connect with both fixed and varying yield products. This system brings together yield-bearing products within specific tranches, every one of them coming with a separate scheme. 

The vision of Struct is to build and customize organized products that will be made accessible not only to institutions but the masses on-chain. They intend to encourage viable markets via a furthered capital capability, as well as the spreading of various schemes and the building of added liquid markets. As an alternate activity, Struct is into providing liquidity to various protocols and, in the bargain, strengthening the wider Avalanche DeFi ecosystem. 

According to the Co-Founder of Struct, Ersin, the creation of a DeFi protocol is significant as it involves a great number of safety features, as well as basic logic and a thorough knowledge reading of the ever-shifting character of markets in general. In his opinion, they are at the threshold of coming out with revolutionary ideas, and this will all the more be made possible with the expertise coming from the Avalanche ecosystem. 

In situations where there is less irregularity, the Liquidity Providers (LPs) of Struct have the option of going for fixed yields. In the case when the markets seem to be more unbalanced, and trading is furthered, the LPs have the opportunity of shifting to variable yield. Struct Finance decided to hone in on Avalanche because of its new-age technology, as well as the manageability factor and the composability, along with TVL. 

It may be possible for fresh markets to be built with the crossing over of on-chain with off-chain assets, but they come with their own set of hurdles. This is in terms of keeping up with market capabilities. This is exactly where organized financial products come into the picture, as they are able to offer corresponding solutions with regard to risk management and enhancing capital capability. 

Where Avalanche is concerned, it is a smart contracts platform that endlessly upgrades and finalizes transactions in the blink of an eye. Both of its unique consensus protocols, the Subnet framework, as well as the HyperSDK toolkit, provide the opportunity for developers to be able to conveniently deliver customized blockchain solutions. Creating anything on Avalanche is as simple as a cakewalk. 

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