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Streamline Tax Time with Swyftx’s Koinly Integrated Reports

Swyftx, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced an exciting new feature called Koinly One-Click Crypto Tax Reports. Designed to simplify tax season, this innovative solution offers Swyftx users effortless access to a complimentary crypto tax report for the Financial Year 2022-2023. By leveraging Koinly’s leading cryptocurrency tax reporting platform, users can seamlessly generate their tax reports through their Swyftx accounts using Single Sign-On (SSO). It’s important to note that this feature is currently only accessible on the Swyftx web platform.

To qualify for the complimentary crypto tax report from Koinly, individuals must meet two specific requirements. Firstly, they must be registered as customers on the Swyftx platform. Second, the number of transactions on their Swyftx account during FY 22-23 should not exceed 500.

In addition to the complimentary tax report, users who possess multiple wallets and exceed the transaction limit will still receive a discounted price for Koinly’s services.

But how does this new feature work? Swyftx users can easily access it by connecting to Koinly through the transaction report page within their Swyftx profiles. Once an API key is generated, users will be directed to Koinly’s platform, where they can effortlessly generate their crypto tax report.

Users who link their Swyftx account to Koinly through the read-only API key gain entry to Koinly’s extensive tax reporting platform. This platform empowers them to import their transaction report from Swyftx and create profit and loss statements for any desired period within the fiscal year. It is important to note that this service solely encompasses trades executed on the Swyftx platform. To obtain a comprehensive tax report on their Koinly accounts, users might need to supplement additional details like information from other wallets or exchanges.

The introduction of this feature allows Swyftx users to directly access a FREE crypto tax report for the 2022-2023 Financial Year from @KoinlyOfficial via their Swyftx accounts using Single Sign-On (SSO). This integration makes managing crypto taxes easier and more convenient than ever before.

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, tax compliance remains crucial for users. The collaboration between Swyftx and Koinly exemplifies their commitment to simplifying the tax reporting process, thereby alleviating the burden for cryptocurrency investors and traders. With the introduction of Koinly One-Click Crypto Tax Reports, Swyftx users can rest assured that their tax obligations are efficiently fulfilled, enabling them to focus on their cryptocurrency endeavours with peace of mind.

To use this innovative feature and access your FREE crypto tax report, visit the Swyftx web platform and connect to Koinly today. Say goodbye to tax season headaches and embrace the seamless experience provided by Koinly One-Click Crypto Tax Reports.

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