Stellar (XLM) down by 1.16% since yesterday; Marginal rise is expected

Stellar (XLM) down by 1.16% since yesterday

The price of the XLM coin was $0.061 on September 08, 2019 and the movement was in a bullish zone. There were couple of rises and falls in intraday chart. On September 09, 2019 the coin fell as low as $0.059 at 07:20 UTC. After September 09, 2019 the coin seemed to have picked up its pace and was rising upwards. However, this was a temporary phase as the price dropped at $0.059 on the next day at 19:40 UTC. Over the past 3 days the movement of the coin has been shaky with short-lived rises and falls. The coin needs to maintain its consistent performance from here on to rise further in an upward direction.

Stellar Price Chart

XLM Price Prediction:

Stellar was trading at $0.061 on September 08, 2019 at 05:15 UTC and is currently hovering near $0.05, which indicates that the coin is reflecting a bearish trend by around 4.73%.

We anticipate that the Stellar coin may rise marginally and reach around $0.059 by the end today. It may trade in the values of $0.061 and $0.063 in the coming weeks.

We recommend purchasing new coins as per today’s movement. XLM has very good potential for long-term trading, as the coin is expected to reach $0.07 by the end of 2019.