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Stellar Records 5.45% Hike Overnight; $0.043361

The overall market trend seems to have positively impacted Stellar Lumens. It has managed to fetch a hike of 5.45% in the last 24 hours, and its current value roams around $0.042987. As per the current upside momentum, XLM coin may regain its last week’s high $0.044 in the upcoming hours.

Stellar Price Analysis

Stellar News
XLM/USD Chart By TradingView

Yesterday, the currency was traded at $0.040762 at the beginning of the day, and in the next 13 hours, the price spotted trading downwards and lost 1.87% of its value. After this moderate fall, it initiated strong recovery and gained a 6.10% value that added $0.002441 and pushed Stellar price to $0.042442 at 21:27 UTC. Th, the coin faced marginal decline, but again it started trading upwards and reached $0.0436 today, the highest point for the day.

XLM coin’s current value at $0.042987 is trending below its 20 days MA and 50 days MA with a nominal margin. The RSI stands at 36.80 points and is likely to improve in the upcoming hours. As per the current trend, Stellar price may get to see a few bullish days ahead. The next resistance point seems possible around $0.04336.

Stellar (XLM) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $ 0.043361667
2nd Resistance $ 0.044185333
3rd Resistance $ 0.045732667
1st Support Level $ 0.040990667
2nd Support Level $ 0.039443333
3rd Support Level $ 0.038619667

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