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In order to efficiently store and manage cryptocurrency assets, the information and training regarding the various procedures are crucial. is one of the most reputed names in the proof-of-stake platform domain, and managing the digital assets here is easy and seamless. You can easily navigate through the website to get all the information that is required to manage your cryptocurrency assets successfully. In this article, we shall give detailed information on how easy and convenient it is to store your crypto assets on the

Step by Step Guide

The first thing you need to do is log in to your account on the and click on to the wallet. Go to the Type of Wallet in the sidebar and choose the wallet that you want to manage. You need to select the STAKE button next and then select the option of Add Nodes button. You can choose as many nodes as you want, which is quite a handy feature when it comes to platform.

Following this, you need to allocate the wallet’s share or IOST amount that you are willing to dedicate to nodes. For better assistance, there will be a tooltip that will keep you informed about the maximum amount that you can go ahead with the delegation process. The procedure can be repeated for every node that you have selected, and accordingly, the tooltip will be updating its status according to the transaction that you complete. You also get the option of resetting if you change your mind and want to reallocate to another node. Conversely, you can go ahead with the Stake Button if you are satisfied with the delegation process.

To complete the delegation, you need to enter your wallet’s password, and press Confirm to complete.

There might be a situation when you do not have enough iRAM for the transaction, and in that case, will calculate the iRAM for you, and you can buy according to the requirement. Finally, you need to repeat the confirmation, and you will be receiving the Success notification. You can also cancel the delegation by pressing the X button located next to the node.


Entering and managing digital assets on the is quite an easy and seamless process. It is helping in the adoption of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by allowing its users to swap digital assets quickly while transacting them with the help of fiat money using debit or credit cards.

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