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AIIMS has received a demand of Rs. 200 crore from hackers

The server of AIIMS had been hacked by unknown persons six days ago. Presently, the concerned hackers have demanded an amount of Rs.200 crore from the hospital to restore the services once again.

Ever since that time and up to the present moment, the hospital has been compelled to manually carry out all of its activities related to patient care services, which understandably is causing an enormous amount of inconvenience. In the otherwise scenario, every aspect of its functions was online.  

The real fear factor, besides every other aspect, is the comprehension of the fact that all of the data related to somewhere to the tune of anywhere between 3 to 4 crore patients could have been put into peril, with also the possibility of having been tampered with.

As can be easily fathomed, this scary situation could put the entire hospital in total jeopardy. Massive queues have been witnessed at every counter in the hospital as the formalities to be completed take up an immense amount of time. In the meantime, however, filing a case of extortion and cyber terrorism has been carried out. The concerned authorities have duly registered this at the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit, which happens to come under the Delhi Police.

Paul Jolin

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