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NYDIG Acquires BottlePay, a Bitcoin Payments App

NYDIG, a major Bitcoin firm purchased BottlePay, the creator of a real-time global Bitcoin payments platform. The financial details were kept under wraps. BottlePay was previously backed by NYDIG in its seed fundraising round.

According to creator Pete Cheyne, BottlePay was founded in 2019 with the goal of solving the largest unresolved challenge in finance. BottlePay has overcome obstacles to make global micropayments a reality by exploiting Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. These modest payments were previously termed uneconomical due to the large service costs paid on traditional payment rails. Users may transmit money in the form of Bitcoin or other currencies such as pounds and Euros. The application is accessible in the United Kingdom and Europe, and it has connections with some of the world’s most popular social media platforms, including Twitter and Discord.

According to Cheyne, BottlePay was created with the goal of unlocking future financial infrastructure. He thinks the firm has transformed the payments industry and made it more equitable for all involved entities, from small companies to artists and end-users. The bottleneck is thrilled to be working with a company like NYDIG, sharing a similar vision of money.

NYDIG will be able to incorporate BottlePay’s Lightning Network technology into its current full-stack Bitcoin platform as a result of the acquisition. NYDIG’s Bitcoin platform meets the most stringent security and operational requirements.

Ross Stevens, the founder and Chairman of NYDIG, and Robert Gutmann, the CRO of NYDIG feel that the new chapter of Bitcoin will be largely about Bitcoin. BottlePay has created world-class payments in the form of Lightning and Bitcoin which was done with the same regulatory rigor that our clients demand from NYDIG today. NYDIG is working towards making Bitcoin accessible to everyone, and this purchase takes the firm a step closer to meeting the aim. BottlePay is a great addition to the NYDIG team.

With the help of NYDIG, that ambition is within grasp. BottlePay is set to deliver the transformational potential of Bitcoin along with the Lightning Network globally.

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