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Nomura introduces its Bitcoin adoption fund

Nomura, which is the biggest investment bank in Japan, has come up with a Bitcoin adoption fund. The idea is to improve connectivity opportunities between institutional investors and Bitcoin. The delivery of the fund has been carried out through its crypto affiliate, Laser Digital.

Where the Bitcoin adoption fund is concerned, it will provide institutional investors with an avenue to experience Bitcoin in a safe and licensed way. The fund will focus on Komainu, a collaboration between CoinShares, Nomura, and Ledger for ascertaining factors related to the safekeeping of the concerned digital assets. Komainu, as an entity, was set up in 2018 and is a licensed digital asset custody solution.

Laser Digital’s ventures are led by Sebastian Guglietta, who held the position of Chief Scientific Officer of Nomura before this. Laser Digital’s cryptocurrency functions involve direct investments in blockchain-focused enterprises.

According to Guglietta, the distribution of their most recent Bitcoin fund will enable institutional investors to adopt a macro perspective. This is only the first initiative in terms of conventional institutions focusing on the ever-increasing interest of institutional investors in the development of the blockchain industry. In the coming days, Laser will increase the number of digital adoption investment tools in their arsenal.

Guglietta is a firm believer that it is technology that will boost economic growth globally and will be responsible for playing a key role in changing a major portion of the economy from analog to digital. In his opinion, Bitcoin will make the change happen, and with it going the longer way, more solutions will be provided to investors to join the mainstream.

Lili Chuang

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