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Neuramon Adds Chainlink VRF for NFT Booster Pack Integrity

Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Neuramon have integrated on the Polygon mainnet. Neuramon is an NFT collectible trading card game that garnered huge popularity. The integration has given Neuramon access to auditable and tamper-proof sources of random content. This will help Neuramon’s booster packs to further amplify. 

The integration with the industry’s top decentralized oracle network will aid Neuramon to improve its reputation in the market. Furthermore, the users of Neuramon will get to play with a transparent, exciting, and fraud-proof user experience. 

Neuramon is a card game based on NFT trading with neural network-supported battle monsters. Alongside, each Neuramon NFT is entirely featured with art, abilities, stats, and more. The trading card game is extremely popular on the physical, as well as the digital front. Neuramon is familiar to many, yet it never fails to astound game enthusiasts and collectors with its unique abilities.

At Neuramon, the content is kept at random to prevent the possibility of booster pack manipulation. To comply with no booster pack manipulation, they have to secure RNG (random number generator) that could be independently audited. However, RNG requires multiple security standards for smart contracts that prevent booster manipulation and ensure integrity. For example, RNG solutions are utilized on-chain data that can be tested by blockchain miners while RNG remains opaque without providing users enough proof about the integrity of the process. 

All this made Neuramon test several oracles and finally land on Chainlink VRF. They finalized Chainlink because of their upgraded approach and time-tested oracle framework. Chainlink also promises on-chain cryptographic proof-verification that ensures integrity and random numbers to smart contracts. 

Chainlink VRF combines block data that is not released even on request with oracle’s pre-committed key to give cryptographic proof and random numbers. Neuramon will accept random numbers only if it has cryptographic proof and can only generate when VRF is tamper-proof. This provides users with assurances that are automated and verifiable directly on-chain that Neuramon is tamper-proof and fair. 

According to the founder of Neuramon, one of the problems they ensure is how to recognize that the booster pack has never been opened before or is tamper-proof. Chainlink VRF has provided all the things we needed, bringing relief. 

The competitive multiplayer battle game of Neuramon is reportedly in the development phase. Neuramon is looking forward to integrating Chainlink VRF in the gameplay to ensure integrity and improve the reputation of the company. As this gameplay is conducted at high-stakes, Chainlink VRF will provide better results to the player.

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