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Momental integrates with the Hedera Network

Hedera Network announced that Momental has integrated with its ecosystem. This marks a pivotal moment, for Momental is now well-positioned to proceed with its mission of enhancing engagement between fans and brands. The idea is to revolutionize the digital landscape by blending its creative and technical specialties with Hedera’s cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly measures.

Momental is also well-positioned to boost the adoption rate at the consumer level. One option that Momental had was to tap into the generic idea of offering Play-to-Earn gaming. However, it chose to expand its horizons on the basis of fans’ passion. It is based on the fundamental grounds that every fan wants to take home the experience and come up with a way to express being a part of the fandom.

That is precisely the point that Momental decided to tap into. Now, it will not just boost its expansion but also make sure that the onboarding process for Web3 is as seamless as possible. Users would barely feel the pinch or the difference while becoming a part of the marketplace for collectibles and digital IPs. Needless to say, this will make them eligible to leverage all the possible benefits of Web3.

Momental will simultaneously focus on addressing the problems that persist in its business and utilizing the tools to derive measurable value from what it offers. This cements the steps that it will take to stay at the forefront of technological development and maintain unwavering support for the success of clients.

Some of the special features that Momental brings to the table in this integration are customer marketplaces, digital collectibles, integrations, and engagement programs. What makes the integration special is the fact that Momental will now exclusively build on Hedera for a better digital experience and a sustainable future.

The feature of customer marketplaces pertains to deploying standalone marketplaces that give authenticity to products and security during the eCommerce experience. Digital Collectibles are backed by the in-house studio, wherein teams come together to offer brands 1/1 creations and a robust serialized collection.

Engagement programs extend to supporting the functions that brands can use to directly get in touch with their fans. This could include messaging functionality or provisions to create equity for IP. Building brand loyalty remains at the center of the stage, and it is very likely to be the core offering after the integration.

The incorporation of blockchain functionality constitutes a part of Interaction. Existing tech stacks are evolving to grant access to token creation and better dashboards.

Moving forward, Momental and the HBAR Foundation are working to have seamless support for premier projects like Karate Combat and Third Act. They are poised to exemplify the dedication of Momental to bringing innovation and change to the industry. It builds on the success of MLPB Armory, pro paintball’s destination for digital gear.

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