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Miami Votes to Accept $4.3M in MiamiCoin Protocol

The City of Miami Commission has finally cast a vote in favor of claiming the MiamiCoin Protocol Contributions. As a result of the vote, Miami shall receive $4.3 million to sponsor the development of several projects in the city. The revenue generated due to the grand launch of the MiamiCoin succeeded in reaching $4.3 million in only 40 days. The Mayor of Miami has proposed several ways of putting the revenue to good use, and the most significant of them are mentioned below:

  • Development of programs and projects for mitigating the risk of climate change for the citizens of Miami. 
  • The launch of cryptocurrency education programs and incentives for technological entrepreneurs. 
  • Sponsorship of novel initiatives for the underprivileged community of Miami. 

As per the latest statistics, MiamiCoin is now the official financial tool of Miami. The world is now regarding Miami as one of the most significant epicenters of technology and innovation. The city is also recognized as the public sector leader due to its acceptance of the MiamiCoin protocol contributions that indicate how the Municipal authorities of Miami can quickly adopt the novel Blockchain-based technologies. 

Under the authority of Mayor Suarez, the Protocol contributions of MiamiCoin shall continue to flourish and develop with the increased utilization of the Protocol of MiamiCoin. Initially, the contribution is going to be in the denomination of STX tokens. It will later on be automatically converted into USD whenever the citizens access the wallet of MiamiCoin. The contribution and auto conversion process shall ensure legal compliance and enable immediate deployment in the real world. 

As soon as Miami becomes ready to take complete advantage of the protocol contribution of MiamiCoin, the municipal authorities all over the world will get the opportunity of activating their native CityCoins for the unlocking and launching of new resources for their cities. 

Paul Jolin

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