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Mandel 3.0 Takes First Step Towards EOSIS Takeover

Mandel’s new features are now in the public eye. EOS has released the list of features that it will deploy on Mandel 3.0. It has further laid down a roadmap for 2022, which starts on January 31, 2022, and ends on May 19, 2022.

EOS has already taken the initial step of migration on January 31, 2022. This has made its trading value $2.35, an increase of 2.89% in the past seven days. According to this popular EOS price prediction, the trading value is estimated to touch $3.9 by the time it reaches the end of the roadmap.

The First Step

Mandel 3.0 takes EOSIO 2.0 codebase to the next level by deploying four new features. It recently initiated the process of migration, and plans are now being made to release Mandel 3.0 on public testnet before March 01, 2022, when the final release is scheduled.

The testing on the public testnet will be performed by the community. Estimates quote that the testing process could take less time than expected.

Four new features that have been announced for the release are configurable WASM limit, action return values, get code hash, and updates to Mandel system contracts.

A configurable WASM limit will allow a Block Producer to increase the size of a smart contract. This will enable them to deploy contracts that are more powerful and faster. Action return values will generate proofs for IBC, short for Inter-Blockchain Communication, and enable powerful data access.

The feature of get code hash will allow one account to read the contract version of another account. This will enhance the overall performance and boost its security. Updates to Mandel system contracts will eliminate the need for all the nodes to upgrade while every feature is deployed.

New features of Mandel 3.0 are also looking to accelerate Contract Pay. This is something that will take care of the transaction on behalf of the users of a smart contract.

Mandel’s roadmap for 2022 actually ends in May itself. The team is not looking to go beyond that as of the moment. The first step was taken on January 31, 2022, when codes needed for public testing were released.

This will now be followed by community testing before the final release in March 2022. The members of the community will look to examine the stability of Mandel 3.0. Once the community has given the go-ahead, the team will announce a hard fork timeline.

Contract Pays will then be enabled with a published private key, followed by backporting of hard forks from Mandel 3.0 to EOSIO 2.1. The final two steps of the roadmaps are the next Eden election and activation of hard forks.

Public testing of Mandel 3.0 is expected to last for a short time as most of the features have been tested by the community on EOSIO 2.1.

The new features will first be ported to EOSIO 2.1 to create Mandel 2.3. This will enable the users of EOSIO 2.1 to migrate to Mandel 2.3 and test the features while staying on the EOS network.

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