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Ledgity Yield joins Chainlink BUILD

Ledgity Yield has announced its integration with Chainlink BUILD. The association is built on mutual incentives and aims to achieve ecosystem growth plus long-term adoption of institutional-grade stablecoin yield solutions. Chainlink BILD brings the benefits of its Oracle services and technical support to the table. Ledgity Yield, on the other hand, has committed to contributing 4% of the total supply of its native token to Chainlink.

The benefits of the token supply will extend to service providers like stakers. Ledgity Yield has said that they are confident about accelerating awareness of Ledgity Yield through all the offerings of BUILD. These pertain to support, off-chain services, and assistance from the vibrant community of Chainlink.

A similar sentiment is reflected in the words of Pierre-Yves Dittlot, the founder of Ledgity Yield. Ditto has said that a combination of CCIP, Proof of Reserve, and the blockchain ecosystem will serve as a critical infrastructure for their solution. They have further said that the integration is poised to fetch favorable results by making the yield solution scalable, secure, and easily accessible. Yves has concluded their statement by saying that they are looking forward to welcoming the community of Chainlink into their ecosystem.

Ledgity Yield has joined Chainlink BUILD for a number of reasons. At the top, it has been cited that Ledgity Yield has joined BUILD for the benefits of reliability and security that are provided by the infrastructure of Chainlink’s Oracle. Next, it has been said that Ledgity Yield will receive additional benefits like access to Proof of Reserve and alpha and beta releases.

As for Proof of Reserve, it is likely to help verify RWAs and CCIP, ensuring that the offerings go cross-chain. The announcement comes just days after Ledgity Yield discussed the Ledgity LBP, or Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool. It is a method by which participants may purchase a project’s token at a predetermined price and within a predetermined time frame. While it sounds similar to an ICO, there is a way for one to differentiate between them.

For starters, LBP enables participants to also sell their tokens during the initial time window. Prices are bound to fluctuate based on whether they are being sold or bought via transitions. The price of the tokens goes down as time elapses.

This is not the first integration for Chainlink; however, it has still managed to positively affect the price of its native token, LINK.

LINK is being traded at a value that is up by 2.19% in the last 7 days and 3.80% in the last 30 days. LINK was last seen exchanging hands at $14.81, with predictions estimating that the token may eventually surpass the milestone of $15 in the days to come.

The integration of Ledgity Yield and Chainlink BUILD is live. It paves the way for more developments between the two. Earlier benefits would include token incentives for Chainlink service providers and security plus reliability for Ledgity Yield.

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