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HYPHEN joins Hedera Guardian to offer high-quality carbon credits

The HBAR Foundation has announced that HYPHEN has joined the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem. The objective is to elevate the integrity of carbon credits, boost transparency, and help partners achieve the Net Zero target in Indonesia. The idea is backed by dMRV, which is digital measurement, reporting, and verification. It specifically pertains to monitoring the exchange of greenhouse gas – GHG.

Till now, there have been challenges about the accuracy of reporting the scope and scale of carbon offsets. The process of MRV attempts to break that hurdle by focusing on the accuracy of emissions and the removal of GHG. The challenges have been documented, along with the aspects that the traditional process lacks.

While it determines the reduction in emissions by activity, the traditional method does not take into account the dynamics of changing environmental conditions. These factors impact the health and development of every region, including Indonesia. As a result, the outcome has been overstated multiple times, causing trust concerns between the parties.

HYPHEN, here, is helping to deliver high-quality and transparent data about carbon credits by bringing together IoT sensors and on-chain tracking verification through the Guardian.

Verified results will ensure that the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement are being met, or at least that the path to achieving that goal is the right one. HYPHEN is planning to deploy two pilot projects in the region to validate the application of dMRV in Indonesia and broader regions.

HYPHEN’s generated data will be auditable through IoT devices, utilizing the functionalities of its internal system in accordance with the framework established by the Interwork Alliance dMRV taskforce.

Moving forward, the HBAR Foundation is hopeful to receive strong ground to boost the adoption of an atmospheric-based methodology for dMRV. It will look to expand its footprints across Southern Asia, Latin America, Africa, and other regions. It is expected to incentivize investments and assist markets in achieving Net Zero.

A reason to choose the dMRV methodology of HYPHEN is that it provides real-time atmospheric GHG measurements with continuous monitoring of GHG concentrations. It is bringing together the Flux Towers and IoT sensors to supply the required data. The infrastructure features LI-COR sensors, which are designed for long-term deployment. They further offer superior gas measurements: CH4, CO2, energy flux, and H2O.

HYPHEN is committed to utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence models to improve GHG flux estimation. It will maximize traceability and transparency via raw IoT sensor data that will run simultaneously with the modeled flux data.

The association of HYPHEN with the Hedera Guardian ecosystem is in line with monitoring carbon credits in Indonesia. There are plans to expand the deployment based on how much confidence the current development instills. The deployment of dMRV for GHG monitoring is to assist in the achievement of Net Zero.

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