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Huobi Becomes Latest Crypto Exchange to Join Token-listing Game

One of the well-known Chinese exchange Huobi has revealed its new coin offering service that will let chosen traders capitalize on coins prior to being launched on its main platform. The new facility will launch on March 26, 2019.

As per the Huobi, the coins will be selected on the basis of the excellence of the artifact and the team, the monetary backing, and if it is added on any other prominent crypto exchange. The new service is called Huobi Prime, the original piece that will offer only the chosen customers with the chance to purchase and select the coins before they are released onto the open market.

Huobi explained,

Huobi explainedHuobi Group founder, and CEO Leon Li  said that each sale will offer coins having great potential and these will be offered at rates much lower than their value in the market. 

This would give an upper edge to the traders, boost the development of the ecosystem, and promote upcoming projects which show great potential. Huobi Prime rewards user allegiance and offers incentives for high-quality projects to relate to their platform for a listing. To be qualified to join Huobi Prime, users need to have 500 HT tokens 30 days before the date of launch.

Charges might no longer be controlled downhill. But multiple cryptocurrency businesses that significantly widened their operations during the 2017 bull run, now struggle to survive.

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