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Hacking $1.7 Billion Worth of Crypto Is a Long-Term Investment-North Korea

According to some reports, North Korea reportedly hacked $1.7 billion cryptos from different exchanges. Moreover, Pyongyang still carries tokens instead of exchanging them with gold.

As per the report from Newsis and Chosun, hackers from North Korea hacked cryptos with the help of leading criminals in money laundering. The aim was to steal all the crypto-coin assets from three different exchanges virtually. According to data from a US blockchains firm that analyses the crypto market, Chainalysis, along with Asan Institute for Policy Studies, it is found that there have been different cases of cryptocurrency exchanges that are hacked, and the attack is connected with North Korea. This hack attack is similar to the attack on the Slovenian platform that took place in 2017.

Authorities from South Korea blame Pyongyang for the hacking that took place in 2017 at the Bithumb platform.  Not just South Korea, but US experts commented over the attack by Pyongyang stealing $281 million from KuCoin. Also, Seoul claimed that North Koreas should be blamed for the two back-to-back attacks that took place in the year 2017.

Experts from Washington and Seoul claimed that during the year 2018, Pyongyang gathered an elite group of 30 people who were called cyber warriors and gave them the task of attacking Western and other allied crypto companies.

Many experts have been accusing North Korea of unethically generating funds that they can use for the purchase of weapons. If the increasing price of bitcoin is considered, hackers from North Korea started attacking crypto platforms. Most traders from North Korea use stolen cryptocurrencies, which is currently the most used financial asset.

However, looking at the claims and strict regulations in different countries, it can be challenging for North Korea and will be difficult to liquidate. Experts claim that North Korea is keen on using the money for building a long-awaited tourist place called Wonsan-Kalma.

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