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Financial Highlights of General Motors by Yahoo Finance

General Motors, a US-based worldwide company, founded in 1908 with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, leads the Auto Manufacturers industry. General Motors has a humble employment of 164,000 workers. As we know, it has been one of the best companies to design, build, and sell cars, crossovers, trucks, and automobile parts worldwide.

Operational through GM International, GM North America, GM Financial segments, and Cruise, the world-famous brand names, such as Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, Wuling, Baojun, and Holden, are attached to the company. It has expanded its services into selling consumer retail vehicles, including trucks, cars, and crossovers to fleet customers and dealers, including leasing companies, rental car companies, and governments. GM also offers automatic security and safety services for fleet and retail customers, like stolen vehicle assistance, crash response emergency services, crisis assist, turn-by-turn navigation, and roadside assistance.

They also provide connected services with mobile apps to help owners control their vehicles remotely or locating charging stations for electric vehicle owners. Furthermore, General Motors provides on-demand services, such as marketplace in-vehicle commerce, vehicle diagnostics, smart driver, connected navigation, 4G LTE, and SiriusXM with 360L, wireless connectivity. The company provides one of the best automotive financing services and operates and runs an online vehicle store, with all rights reserved.

Financial Scenario of GM at Yahoo Finance

The financial profile of General Motors Company is viewable at a glimpse at Yahoo Finance, for the convenience of traders, investors, and vehicle buyers to help them in their trading decisions. The traders interested in buying, bidding, and selling GM stocks can use the GM Yahoo Finance Summary page. The dynamic web page is beautifully organized and accompanied by an interactive chart or GM ticker on the trading graph at various time segments of the previous day.

The ticker shows the Net Change of +0.44, a fair value. The Net Change is the dollar-value-difference between the close price of the previous day and the current day. It shows whether the stock is Up for the day or Down for the day. A Net Change that is considered positive will have its stock Up, whereas a negative Net Change will have its stock as down. GM shows a dividend yield of +1.52%, considered a fair value. The dividend yield, displayed as a percentage, reflects the money paid to its shareholders. One calculates the dividend yield by dividing the shares of stock by the current price of a stock. Mature companies pay dividends.

The ticker GM displays the financial status of General Motors Company starting with the Previous Close, referring to the closing price of a stock on the day-before trading for the day, which is a fair value of 29.00 on September-29. The Open displayed as 29.82- Price of the GM stock for its first transaction on the day of trading. The Bid at 29.42 x 1300 is the price a potential buyer is willing to pay for a share of stock for buying 1300 stocks. The Ask at 29.56 x 1300 is the price of 29.56 at which a stockholder wants to sell 1300 shares of stock. The Day’s Range at 29.38 – 30.04 shows the Day’s Low at 29.38, the lowest price the stock had traded on September- 28. The Day’s High at 30.04, which is the highest price the stock had traded, on September- 28.

Financial Scenario of GMGeneral Motors 52 Week Range stands at 14.33 – 38.96. In the 52 week range, the 52 Week Low at 14.33 is the lowest price at which the stock traded in 2019- the previous year. Similarly, the High in the 52-week range stands at 38.96, which is the highest price of the traded stock in 2019. General Motors Volume of 7,727,638 shows the traded Day’s shares on the NASDAQ. So far, 7,727,638 shares have changed hands. General Motors Avg. Volume or Average Volume at 14,497,854 reflects its stock transactions in the past year. The GM Market Cap stands at 42.132B. Market Cap is the value of the number of outstanding shares times the current price of a single stock.

One gets a clear picture of the GM stock volatility to the market with a Beta (5Y Monthly) of 1.47. It shows how much the individual stock deviates from the market. A GM stock that tends to swing more than the market over a period has a beta of more than 1.0. The GM stock quotes a beta of 1.47 in 5 years. Such stocks with high beta are riskier but give a higher return, and other stocks lower than 1.0 display lesser risk and yield lower returns. GM stock quote displays a very fair value for PE Ratio of 27.83. The P/E ratio is the indicator of an investor’s willingness to invest in a specific company. A company showing a high P/E ratio means that its investors today are ready to pay a high share price as they expect the company to grow in the future. The average P/E range is from 13 to 15. So, in the case of GM quote with a current P/E at 27.83, it can trade at 27 times earnings. PE Ratio (TTM) of 27.83 means PE Ratio of 27.83 in the last TTM – trailing twelve months. So, the ratio is valid from the previous 12-month period to date.

GM has an EPS (TTM) of 1.06. The 1.06 EPS or Earnings per Share, reflecting the profit of General Motors Company, which has been divided by its common stock. The resulting fair value of 1.06 shows its profitability. A higher EPS reflects the higher profitability of a company. GM has planned a 1y Target Est of 40.38. GM estimates its one-year target estimate for its share price to go up to 40.38.

Furthermore, the rich interactive graph allows traders and investors to study the General Motors Company progress graph for 1Day, 5Days, 1Month, 6Months, YTD- Year to Date, 1Year, 5Years and its Max peaks of share rates each year. Clicking any of the graphs would open up an elaborate new page with a magnified graph outline showing the Open, High, Low, Close Volume, % Change for that point in time.

Moving on to the Statistics page of Yahoo Finance, we already know that GM has a Trailing PE Ratio of 27.83, but as per the investment research, the experts envision a Forward PE to be 6.82. Forward PE is a variation of Trailing PE. Analysts or investors use projected earnings for a share in the next 12 months to calculate Forward PE. For instance, if the current share price of a company is $30, and the investors expect the EPS for the next year to be $3.00, the Forward PE for the company is $10.00

EPS = Current Share Price or Estimated Future Earnings per Share

PEG Ratio, as per investment research (5 years expected) of General Motors Company, stands at 0.70. The PEG ratio is the measurement of the stock price, its earnings, and its prospect growth. Experts consider PEG value between .5 and 1.0 as fair value and under .5 to be excellent.

The Price-to-Sales (P/S) Ratio The price-to-sales, or revenue multiple, or sales multiple (P/S) ratio is 0.36. One calculates the price-to-sales by comparing the stocks of a company to its revenues. One can also calculate by dividing the overall sales of the company in the market by total sales over a period- usually 12 months. Another way to calculate is by dividing the stock price by the sales price of a share.

Comparing the Financial Scenario from June 29 to September 29, 2020

Comparing the Financial ScenarioClick on the Chart menu on Yahoo Finance for GM and click on 3M to view the data 3 months prior. As you place the cursor of your mouse at the beginning of the graph, it will show the date of June 29, and also the financial health of the company will appear in a box. The financial status shows Open at 25.87, High at 26.03, Low at 25.51, Close at 25.80, Volume at 15.73M, and % Change at 5.48%. Similarly, take the cursor to the right extreme, and the date Sep-29 (current date) will appear, and the box will show the financial health of the company on the day. The financial status for GM on Sep-29 will show Open at 29.82, High at 29.82, Low at 29.12, Close at 29.12, Volume at 200.20k, and % Change at 18.89%.

So, whether you are a trader, investor, buyer, or in the finance field, you can research and study the in-depth statistics of General Motors Company at Yahoo Finance over the period. A company like GM has a healthy financial status and a Dividend Yield, which reflects the money paid to the shareholders, a sign of a mature company. The Beta (5Y Monthly) value shows the GM stock volatility at 1.47m. A value of more than 1.0 tends to swing more, is riskier, but then its returns are higher. General Motors displays a healthy P/E Ratio of 27.83, much above the average range from 13 to 15, an indicator of an investor’s high-willingness to invest in GM. The GM Yahoo Finance is perhaps the best display with all rights reserved.

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