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FuzzLand forms a calculated collaboration with Chainlink Labs

FuzzLand collaborates with Chainlink Labs to back the Chainlink BUILD program, which helps prospective Web3 startups grow and set up protocols in the blockchain arena.

FuzzLand offers advanced safety services to blockchain projects. FuzzLand introduces safety solutions through smart contract analysis, and real-world static, and vital analysis through fuzzing and official authentication services. Added to that is ongoing on-chain tracking for offering a collective solution for eb3 developers to protect their dApps.

FuzzLand’s services provide the option for developers to innovate by offering overhead to the experts. Through the provision of preferential solutions towards the members of the Chainlink BUILD program, FuzzLand is offering added connectivity with its solutions to benefit certain prospective startups. With the help of this, they can function quicker and remain safe.

According to the CEO and C0-Founder of FuzzLand, Jeff Liu, Chainlink’s commitment to developing a safe framework for Web3 builders is a well-known fact, with a similar safety structure being there for more than a hundred Chainlink BUILD projects within the program.

Chainllink is the benchmark for decentralized computing platforms that boost the authenticability of the web. It has accounted for significant transaction value by providing financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and builders with real-time data connectivity, off-chain computing, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains.

Chainlink boosts authenticable applications and markets involving banking, DeFi, international trade, and other sectors.

FuzzLand, on the other hand, is a Web3 safety and analytics business that offers automated safety services with vital analysis. The company utilizes its expertise in vital analysis, disbursed computing, and program analysis to build quick and correct tools for blockchain businesses to gain from the highest level of safety factors related to their programs.

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