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EOS Starts Price Recovery After Month-long Downtrend

EOS coin was traded with the price of $2.66, with the movement being an upward one, before dropping to $2.63 on December 9, 2019. The currency did rise marginally and reached $2.64 on the next day, but with a couple of price drops, the coin reached $2.57 with a 2.68% regression. After the price fall, gradually it has gained pace as it reached $2.61 the next day but couldn’t maintain its consistency at this level. Soon after, it started to decline, and it was traded at the lowest price point i.e., $2.51 yesterday. The present trend indicates a slight recovery in the price of EOS.

EOS Price Prediction

EOS Price PredictionEOS coin shows a drop of 1.14% as compared to yesterday’s price of $2.61. As per the current price trend, the coin is indicating a further fall. However, we compare the current price with the lowest recorded price of today; the coin has recovered 2.51% value. Hence, it may trade up to its next resistance of $2.65 shortly.

You can invest your money in EOS or may even hold some existing coins as per the trend noticed. The past three days’ record shows a marginal recovery, as the coin has not been able to maintain a consistent performance. Investing from a long-term purpose will prove to be more beneficial with EOS.

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