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Entrepreneur First Partners with Tezos to Spin Web3 Startups

Entrepreneur First (EF) is partnering with the cryptocurrency platform Tezos to attract potential new founders to Web3. EF specializes in bringing together early-career co-founders, the development of their ideas, and their confrontation with investors. Technical training and advice are to be provided by experts from the Tezos community. 

The new company, Entrepreneur First Web3, will accept applications until the end of May 2022, selecting two cohorts of 4,050 founders to participate in a biannual program in London. 

Entrepreneur First was developed as a platform and community to search out their co-founders, develop concepts and find client traction faster. This platform is right for founders who have a transparent conviction to make for a localized future and need to try and do it as a part of an integrated community of potential co-founders and collaborators.

Matt Clifford, co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First said that Tezos is ideal for founders who already have a clear belief in building a decentralized future and wish to do so as part of a close-knit community of co-founders and collaborators. 

 The platform will pick the maximum gifted and formidable Web3 builders and combine them into the Tezos Web3 ecosystem, presenting them with technical education and steerage via way of means of specialists from the community, except monetary assistance to expand their applications. Founders may also have complete get right of entry to Entrepreneur First’s community of buyers and mentors. 

The corporation stated members could have till the stop of May 2022 to ship their applications, deciding on cohorts of 40-50 founders who will take part in a six-month in-character software in London. They will search for a co-founder, expand a promising web3 project, and request offers to fund it after 2-6 months.

Tezos, a Proof of Stake level blockchain (making it a lot more energy efficient), is employed by Red Bull Racing Honda, McLaren Racing, OneOf, Interpop, and marketplaces such as HicEtNunc, OBJKT, and for NFT.

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