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Earn Cashback & Referral Rewards via TBX’s Investment Farming

To widen its reach among prospective investors, Tokenbox has announced the launch of reward programs dubbed as “Investment Farming.” The program is unique because it offers both cashback and referral rewards for the TBX community. Making the announcement, the company says that all prospective buyers who will purchase the token through the platform will be entitled to a 5% reward.

There is no condition on the purchase to buy some specific portfolio as all purchases will get TBX tokens equivalent to a 5% reward. This is a double benefit for the investors as not only appreciation in the portfolio will add to benefits, but 5% cashback (TBX tokens) also adds to their financial gain. To avail of this benefit, you need to purchase any token using the link Once the transaction is complete, you’ll instantly get TBX tokens equivalent to 5% of the cashback offer in your account. For your reference, this offer does not apply to portfolio managers.

Referral Rewards

Further to this cashback reward, the company has also come up with a referral program that will come into effect from November 10, 2020. To benefit from the referral program, you need to first register and log into your account on the Tokenbox. Then you need to go to the section of refer-a-friend and get your referral code. After receiving the code, you need to share it with your friend via social media networks. Every time your friend makes an investment, you will earn a 1% reward (TBX tokens) while your friend takes home 5% (TBX tokens). The total TBX tokens that you can earn through the referral program in a month is 20,000.

It is indeed a great attempt from Tokenbox to widen its customer base. The fact that the promotional schemes aim to create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders, their success is highly probable and will add to the platform’s success story.

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