Deltix Declares CryptoCortex FIX Hub Trading Access to Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

Deltix Declares CryptoCortex FIX Hub Trading Access to Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

Deltix declares that the CryptoCortex FIX Hub can now access the cryptocurrency exchange, i.e., Gemini Trust Company, LLC. CryptoCortex Hub’s Equinix NY5 data center is located in New Jersey. The Gemini is also in the same data center.

Deltix, a software and services provider, was founded in 2005. It offers services like quantitative research, execution analytics, futures, algorithmic trading, FX, digital assets, and fixed income. On the other hand, Gemini Trust Company is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that allows traders to buy or sell digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. It is a New York-based company that provides financial services to its customers.

The CryptoCortex FIX uses the Deltix ExecutionServer to get very low latency on large transaction volumes with the availability of large systems. The ExecutionServer helps traders in execution and risk management by providing execution algorithms like smart order routing.

Founder and CEO at Deltix, Ilya Gorelik, said that they are happy that the traders can now leverage the CryptoCortex FIX hub. Now, the cryptocurrency traders can experience good execution quality than the traditional markets with the help of FIX hub and Gemini’s matching engine in NY5.

Gemini’s Director of Technical Exchange Services, Drew Candres, said that the company is excited to leverage their institutional-grade FIX infrastructure. It helps traders in digital trading currencies with high performance. The CryptoCortex provides a great platform and tools to the traders to manage the institutional crypto trading.

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