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Decentralized Platforms Using Artificial Intelligence

There are several instances in human history when technological innovations completely turned the world on its head, giving civilization and prevailing technologies a significant boost. A few examples include, the invention of the printing press, which helped people gain better access to knowledge; electricity, which ended humanity’s overreliance on daylight; and Galileo’s telescope, which sparked our curiosity about the heavens. The invention of antibiotics saw the average lifespan increase, eradicating several deadly diseases. These are just a few examples of technological innovations that changed the world. 

Today, several technologies stand on this precipice, poised to change what humans are capable of. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is driving the next phase of digital innovation and transformation, which can ultimately disrupt industries and the business processes that utilize it.
This can be even further bolstered by introducing blockchain technology, which can significantly improve the security and transparency of businesses and their data with artificial intelligence. This enables better outcomes without requiring a significant increase in human efforts. 

At AIWORK, we are using this powerful combination — AI and blockchain technology — and human experts to address the problems of the online video space, helping generate better metadata and giving users better control over the content they view. 

What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

It is essential to understand the definition of Artificial Intelligence before we move forward. AI can be defined as a machine or a set of devices capable of replicating human intelligence to perform specific tasks. It does this by collecting and analyzing data to provide outcomes. AI can also improve itself by analyzing and learning from its data, resulting in better efficiency over time. It has been employed in several fields, helping streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks. A chatbot is a perfect example of AI being used to understand customer preferences and using those interactions to improve itself, learning to develop better and more helpful replies and help better assist customers. 

Decentralized Platforms Using Artificial Intelligence 

Several platforms are using AI to disrupt the industries they are part of. Let’s look at some companies to compare and understand how they work. 


Aivon is a blockchain protocol that uses its community to validate metadata generated by AI. The community is incentivized with Aivon tokens given to them for their services. Aivon believes that inaccurate metadata is a significant problem online videos face as metadata generated by machines has substantial issues. This is especially true for accuracy, particularly when scaling platforms or providers. The sheer amount of videos presents online also present significant problems, making validation by humans a cumbersome and expensive exercise. 

Aivon utilizes a blockchain-based protocol that uses AI and crowdsourcing to validate accurate metadata. Aivon claims to be the first decentralized search engine exclusively dedicated to videos, providing different services like translation and transcription. As mentioned earlier, Aivon’s community is incentivized through the Aivon token, based on the Ethereum blockchain. 


Valossa was founded in 2015 by a team of experts from different fields, such as machine learning, audio-visual intelligence, computer vision, and video information retrieval. It traces its origins to one of Europe’s leading computer science and AI labs at Oulu. The platform is capable of providing unmatched video recognition and content intelligence technology. It is recognized as a leading technology platform capable of supporting an entirely new generation of content profiling tools. 

Valossa has several features, such as auto preview, video recognition, and face analysis. Auto preview allows Valossa to generate video previews, cutting the time to create promotional content. This feature also enables users to develop video-on-demand services. Another feature is video recognition so that Valossa can generate time-coded, scene-level metadata. The platform also features a facial analysis toolkit to recognize and tag faces in videos. It is also capable of analyzing the behavior of subjects. 


AIWORK is an open-source and decentralized protocol that uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and human experts. AI and human experts work in tandem, generating standardized and accurate metadata for online videos. Developers on AIWORK can deploy their decentralized applications, and participants of AIWORK can share their computing resources with AIWORK and run AI nodes to earn rewards. AIWORK’s ecosystem is vast and consists of the following:- 

  • Requestors
  • Human experts
  • Validators
  • Resource providers
  • Software developers. 

AIWORK also uses its trademark content safety index, ContentGraph, to assign a confident score after taking several safety attributes into question, such as offensive language, nudity, drugs, alcohol, violence, and other parameters. Using the ContentGraph can enable AIWORK to match content and context accurately, providing a score that users or advertisers can use. 

Closing Thoughts 

Artificial Intelligence has given companies, and institutions access to new and significant capabilities to disrupt entire industries. AIWORK is one of several players at the vanguard of tackling issues the online video space faces. But, what is significant about the platforms covered here is that they also address the centralization in the online video space, giving users more control over the content they choose to view. AI-driven solutions such as AIWORK will continue to create new products and solutions for businesses, solutions that are built for the current — and growing — scale of our online spaces.

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