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Bithumb which is an exchange company based in South Korea, recently declared that they are adding BTT token on their listing of a coin.

From the Bithumb exchange, the statement was made via the Twitter account. The crypto exchange even stated that it would begin to take BTT credits from February 2019. Along with this, the neven assured its provision for the BTT drop to its clients. This major and well-known Binance exchange just started its new trading pairs such as stablecoins Paxos Standard, BTT, TUD as well as USDC. Such trading pairs have been obtainable from February 2019.

At present, BTT has a value in its market for $0.0001, while its daily trading volume is somewhat more than $200 million marks. From the past few days, its value has =flied from 5 percent as many trading activities connecting BTT were made on the cryptocurrency exchange called as UPbit trailed by Binance. Currently, banks in South Korea can provide account services for crypto exchanges to deposit users’ assets on their behalf. However, each virtual account dedicated to a specific user within the exchange’s deposit account must be paired with the user’s verified identity so that banks can monitor the flow of the funds for anti-money laundering purposes.

Under the country’s regulations, users’ accounts must also be separated from company accounts that, for instance, store an exchange’s own operating funds.

Following the July suspension note, 24-hour trading volume on Bithumb took a hit and dropped by 40 percent within just three days,

The originator of Tron and CEO of BitTorrent Justin Sun has explained the roadmap for tokenization of the BitTorrent bionetwork, mentioning that the collaboration with CoinPayments is an offer to prepare BitTorrent (BTT) liquid in the operational market before [the token] is thoroughly combined into the companies mobile and desktop products. At the end of the last month, Binance, the foremost worldwide cryptocurrency exchange, declared it had started its own OTC trading desk for huge dealings.

In October, the BTT-powered blockchain request BitTorrent Speed will allegedly be bowled out as a portion of BitTorrent’s Windows-based µTorrent Classic customer. As per the BitTorrent site, the request will let the customers to interchange BTT for broadcasting and bandwidth to offer quicker transfer times.

It’s been a rocky summer for Bithumb so far. The platform suffered a major breach in June that saw around $31 million in cryptocurrencies stolen – though it later claimed to have clawed back $14 million. It’s not clear if that event has affected the disclosed first-half figures significantly or if the costs will be pushed to a later accounting period.

About the BTT Token

The team of BitTorrent recently introduced a new feature named as BitTorrent Speed, meant at growing the acceptance of BTT. This feature lets the customers make use of the files quicker by creating BTT expenses to respectively to one other. The meaning of this is that the sources can earn BTT for creating records obtainable to other customers on the system.

BitTorrent Speed means to use monetary enticements to enhance the allocation of resources on the BitTorrent network. It is predictable to allow a bidding scheme, where many users can show their interest, and the seed selects the uppermost bidet.

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