Cryptocurrency News to Sponsor UFC Events, Admits $175M Conformity

UFC accords to a prime brand endorsement contract with the cryptocurrency trading platform ‘’ For the alliance of brand deals, UFC has invested in $175 million in media revenue, making it the most prominent sponsorship ever to occur in its account.

UFC championships have been able to recover post the pandemic market environment and even sustained in the midst of it. The alliance with the crypto trading platform is a business agreement deal accorded for a term of 10 years. The brand deal will be UFC’s eminent global media kit associate resulting in promotions on UFC’s sports uniform merchandise.

The brand association of and UFC will commence at the end of this week on July 10, 2021, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, United States, where the most-awaited Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor will be in a match together. McGregor is a high-end brand endorsement sports personality. It will be the fourth consecutive pay-per-view media competition in a wrestling course filled with 100% occupancy.

Cryptocurrency has been gaining utmost potency in today’s financial markets, and trading in crypto exchanges has become eminent. Thus, this brand deal stands as a lucrative offering for both UFC and for a more extensive audience reach.

Dealing with the restrictions of the unprecedented global pandemic, UFC got back on the arena in no time resulting in the primer sports event brand reviving matches in the US. It wrapped up the pandemic year of 2020 with 41 events from its pre-outlined 42 games for the year, a high leverage point for the sports establishment.

Before the agreement with, the US-based martial arts firm had endorsed a business opportunity with the fantasy sports firm ‘DraftKings’ for a five-year contract in March 2021. The agreement deal was accorded at $100 million alliance investment. The partnership agreement conforms to an added revenue deposit worth $259 million for brand deals for promoting UFC merchandise of Draft King.

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