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Croatia is the newest entrant in the euro space

It was in the month of January 2023 that Croatia happened to have become the latest entrant in the euro space. With this occurrence, the country became the twentieth one to do so. However, the fact remains that coincidentally, it was also the turn of Litecoin, which created yet another address, making a total tally of twenty also. Incidentally, each of the Litecoin addresses happens to hold 300,000 Litecoins. 

Now, there happens to be a presumption that Litecoin is indeed in support of the euro. In order to further the fact, it was seen that when there happened to have been nineteen countries making usage of the euro, it was the same in the case of Litecoin addresses which were also nineteen. At that time, too, each Litecoin address was holding 300,000 Litecoins. The newest Litecoin address came into being on the 10th of February, 2023. 

Now, where Croatia is concerned, it happened to have been the 1st of January, 2023, when the country decided to accept the euro and enter its space officially. The initiation, however, had begun as early as the 12th of July, 2022, when the Council of the European Union agreed with the fact that the country could step into the euro space officially. 

In order to be more perceptive, a little recapitulation would not hurt. A few years back, it happened to have been Christine Lagarde who had duly delivered the blue euro. At this point in time, it could be construed that the occurrence was a sign of things to come, that of Litecoin being looked upon as digital money and of it acting as a reserve currency.          

Edward Nash

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