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Coinbase supports Ripple in the XRP vs SEC case

Coinbase, which in actuality happens to be a crypto exchange of the very highest order, has invariably taken the side of Ripple in the ongoing case between XRP versus SEC. In this regard, Coinbase has filed a formal petition duly submitted in a federal court. As per the contents of the petition filed, the appeal that has been put forward is the requisition of the brief about the case.

In the viewpoint and opinion of the concerned persons at Coinbase, Ripple was given no intimation regarding any notice to the SEC. On its own accord, Ripple is a payments-related firm functioning out of the United States. It is also the entity behind the cryptocurrency XRP. The word out is that SEC did not bother to extend any intimation before it took the extreme step of going the legal way and using it in 2020. However, this happened because of not correctly meeting the set security laws.

Therefore, in this very regard, Coinbase is of the firm opinion that not only did SEC miss sending any notice of any sort before resorting to legalities and the act of suing. However, otherwise, there were no binding rules set down in terms of cryptocurrencies.

Erica Lee

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