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Coinbase Announces New Mobile SDK for Web3 Mobile Developers

Coinbase recently launched its new Coinbase Wallet Mobile SDK for Web3 developers. The tool caters to developers building native mobile apps.

The SDK presents a quick and easy way to integrate Coinbase Wallet into mobile dApps. It is already available on multiple dApps, including Tribes, Showtime, DeBank, and dYdX. Coinbase plans on releasing the SDK for more package managers.

Currently, users can access it on Maven (Android), Swift Package Manager (iOS), NPM (React Native), (Flutter), and Cocoapods (iOS.) Coinbase shared an official post to inform users about the SD, its benefits, and its operations.

The SDK provides a simplified linking process to help developers get started quickly. It also tackles the issue of relay servers faced by several existing app-wallet communication solutions. 

It will establish a direct channel between the wallet and the app, eliminating the need for a relay server or an intermediary bridge. In addition, the protocol uses deep links to communicate directly among coworkers.

It offers a new integration of cryptographic operations developed with, Google Tink for Android, and Apple Cryptokit for iOS. It uses universal links; users do not have to share credentials with a centralized repository.

Coinbase has also designed the SDK to enable single request handling for mobile dApps. It unlocks the ability to undertake batch requests, sending multiple transactions in one go. Above all, the SDK is open source and available on GitHub, allowing developers to conduct experiments.

In the future, Coinbase will also be open-sourcing the host implementation and releasing it as a reference. The platform has also shared a report on GitHub to help developers onboard the SDK. Given Coinbase’s massive market reach, the SDK is expected to garner a global user base in no time.

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