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Cardano’s Month-long Run Indicates Heavy Price Plunge

Cardano Price News

The price movement of Cardano (ADA) today is quite dramatic. The traders are still in a fix as the fluctuation is taking the coin elsewhere. In the last 30 days, Cardano has exhibited a steep fall in the price. On November 17, 2019, the ADA price was $0.0438 and now it is at $0.0359.

The upsurge in the coin is speculated to embark in some time. The market scenario might also improve soon. The traders interested in the Cardano are requested to be patient with the coin.

Cardano Price Prediction

On November 17, ADA coin started dealing at $0.0438. The price escalated to $0.0457 by 4.32% on the next day. The coin couldn’t hold itself at the level and started falling. Cardano price touched $0.0412 and then, reached to $0.0423. The price dropped again to $0.0345 and later improved to $0.0383. The ADA price fell to $0.0333 on November 25. There was a substantial recovery spotted as the currency jumped to $0.0396 by 19.08% hike. Further, the price of ADA coin jumped to $0.0419 by 5.81%. The month closed at $0.0402. December started with a fall of 9.13% on December 04. The counters changed from $0.0402 to $0.0365. Cardano coin remained at $0.0365 for some time. The price slipped again from $0.0372 to $0.0360 by 3.12%.

Cardano Coin NewsThe current price of Cardano is at $0.0359. The coin is quite near the immediate support level at $0.0353. The coin is indicating slight improvement for the intraday traders, and hence, it might reverse the trend and reach to its next resistance $0.0373.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.037368 S1 $0.035373
R2 $0.038083 S2 $0.034093
R3 $0.039363 S3 $0.033378

The traders interested in ADA coin are recommended to opt for long-term traders. The currency is speculated to bear risk in the short-term investment; hence, we wouldn’t vote for the same.

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