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Can You Play a Bitcoin Lottery For Free?


Playing the lottery has been quite common since your childhood days. You would have seen or played some lottery in your childhood. With the recent popularity of Bitcoin as an alternate currency, the same is being used for lottery games too. There are different websites that let you play the lottery using Bitcoin as the currency.

What Is Free Bitcoin Lottery?

Free Bitcoin lottery is a platform that provides you to play the lottery for free. You can participate for free. No need to pay any fee to play the game. The period of the lottery is generally fixed.

It is quite rare and difficult to find free Bitcoin lottery websites. But there are platforms that provide the experience of free Bitcoin lottery.

You simply open up your account with the online platform. Get free tickets to play the lottery. You can select the numbers for your lottery ticket before the draw happens. You can even use your Bitcoins to purchase more tickets. The more tickets, the higher is the probability of winning.

How Does the Free Bitcoin Lottery Work?

The Bitcoin lottery is a type of lucky draw. This will happen at a fixed time repeatedly. Participants have to purchase lottery tickets and select the numbers of their choice. Then the draw happens as scheduled and whosoever has the ticket with numbers matching the draw wins the lottery.

The numbers are chosen through a fair algorithm which is based on block chain technology. The winner gets the prize in the form of Bitcoins.

Simply create an account with the website as the first step and participate in the lottery. Provide your details, your web wallet information, etc.

Then you collect your lottery tickets in following ways:-

  • You wager on the game provided on the website. Higher your wager gets, you get the additional tickets to play the lottery.
  • There are other tools too over the website, such as Bitcoin faucet, which allows you to earn more lottery tickets. Simply complete the captcha to prove that you are real, and you will be allowed to earn Bitcoins every hour.
  • You can even roll the dice available at the website, and you can earn lottery tickets through that.
  • Even referring the online lottery website to your friends and family will also let you earn free lottery tickets.

How to Win the Free Bitcoin Lottery?

If you accumulate more lottery tickets, you tend to have higher chances to win the lottery. Free Bitcoin lottery can be won by collecting maximum tickets over the website. Keep checking the tickets you have accumulated so far on the.

On the website, you can check your total number of tickets in the section “Your Tickets.” In another tab, named “Total Tickets” you can check the total tickets that have been collected in the pot. And one important section page is “Win Chance” which calculates the probability of you winning the Bitcoin lottery.

Can You Play a Bitcoin Lottery for Free?

Yes, you can! Though it is rarely available, there are websites which allow you to play the lottery for free. You just need to create an account on the website. Post that, you can collect your free lottery ticket and select the random numbers you want. You need to do this before the scheduled date for the draw.

Once the draw happens, the person who gets the same numbers as the draw wins the lottery. Winner gets the reward in the form of Bitcoins. The winner can then use the prize money to buy more tickets to play the best Bitcoin lottery

Other Ways to Win Free Bitcoins

There are several other ways to earn free Bitcoin apart from the lottery play:-

  • You can use a Bitcoin faucet, which will earn you a Satoshis. These Satoshis will let you perform various activities over the website. The Bitcoin faucets are becoming a popular feature on the online portals to make money for free.
  • Satoshi is basically a small portion of Bitcoin. Accumulating Satoshis will let you do various tasks such as loading ads full page or roll a spin or play online betting. This way, you can earn Bitcoins (in portion) without actually purchasing it.
  • You can do affiliate marketing and earn free Bitcoins. These are popularly called as referral programs. These are one of the easiest ways to earn free Bitcoins. You can do this just by referring your friends or family members to the website. Once they use it, it earns you Satoshis.
  • Bitcoin games are also a means to earn money for free. Many online gamblers earn a few extra bucks through these games.


Online Bitcoin lottery allows you to play and win in Bitcoins. For newcomers, you can even get a free Bitcoin lottery ticket through the ways discussed above. You can purchase more tickets by depositing your Bitcoins.

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