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Bitcoin (BTC) Upsurge Locks the Price Around $7,300

  • Bitcoin price improved the momentum in the last two days
  • The growth might be an indication for an uptrend

Bitcoin price dropped to $6,500 in the last couple of weeks. However, the price improved in the later days, and now it is around $7,300. The upcoming year is speculated to recover the past loss.

Intraday trading is likely to remain moderately profitable. The chance of falling below the immediate support level is marginally low. The improvement would turn voluptuous in the coming term.

BTC Price Analysis:

Bitcoin PriceYesterday, Bitcoin began the day at $7,231. The coin improved and touched $7,262 by 0.42%. The currency slipped to $7,207 by 0.75%. The coin extended the drop to $7,111 by 1.15%. There was an immediate uptrend in the coin that took it to $7,275 by 2.30%. The price slipped to $7,201 by 1.03%. The coin again improved, and this escalated to $7,300. The currency dropped to $7,211 by 1.21%. The last couple of hours took the coin to $7,295 by 1.14%. The intraday movement of the coin reflected 0.89% uptrend in the price. Today, BTC jumped to $7,362 by 0.92%. The price dropped immediately to $7.304 by 1.09%. BTC picked up again and went up to $7,347 by 0.58%.

Bitcoin is currently dealing at $7,336. The coin is reflecting a dramatic movement on the price chart. BTC is anticipated to climb to the immediate resistance level at 7,372.44 in the next few hours. The upsurge is speculated to strengthen.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $7,372.44
R2 $7,454.78
R3 $7,546.04
Support Level Price
S1 $7,198.84
S2 $7,107.58
S3 $7,025.24

Bitcoin is anticipated to have a flourishing future. The investment in the coin wouldn’t go futile. We would recommend opting for the long term investment to ensure a massive return in BTC.

Erica Lee

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