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Binance Adding XRP to Dual Investment, Launches New Products

Binance recently announced expanding its Dual Investment portfolio. The exchange added XRP to Dual Investment while also releasing new investment products.

These products come with updated Settlement Dates and Target Prices. Users can use functions like Buy Low or Sell High for the products. The exchange released an official post to inform users about the development.

The post also mentioned crucial information, such as:-

  • Time of subscription initiation: October 4, 2022, at 10:00 UTC
  • The subscription’s format: First-come, first-served

Besides this, Binance also posted an official link where users can learn more about Settlement Dates and Target Prices. With Dual Investment, users also gain access to Sell High and Buy Low products with the selected date and price in the future.

These features do not cost any additional fees, making them highly usable. Subscribing to Dual Investment products also offers rewards to users on selective cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to Sell High, the target users are:-

  • Who aims to generate high rewards on crypto holdings
  • Who aims to sell Deposit Currency for a better price in the future

The deposit currencies include BTC, SOL, ETH, ADA, MATIC, DOT, BNB, BCH, AVAX, FTM, ALGO, ATOM, and NEAR.

On the other hand, Buy Low targets users who:-

  • Aims to earn high rewards on stablecoin holdings
  • Aims to buy cryptocurrencies for a lower price in the future

The deposit currencies are USDT and BUSD. On the other hand, the crypto to buy is BTC, SOL, ETH, ADA, MATIC, DOT, BNB, AVAX, BCH, ALGO, FTM, ATOM, and NEAR.

The Deposit Currency APR for the Dual Investment products in the announcement ranges from 4% to 179%. Binance has even stated the steps to help users get started with Dual Investment. 

Paul Jolin

Paul Jolin is an economist having experience in financial research. He joined CoinNewsSpan in 2017 and since then has been working with the team to offer best price analysis and review stories on the crypto space. He is optimistic about blockchain technology's use cases in terms of financial freedom. He also has experience as an independent trader.

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