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BeatzCoin to Use Syscoin For Interoperability Across Platforms

Interoperability is one of the important issues of consideration in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Digital coins that are able to swap one platform to another in a seamless manner are always a preferred choice among prospective users, and this explains BeatzCoin’s initiative to utilize the Syscoin Ethereum Bridge (SEB) to operate effortlessly between Tron and Ethereum network. 

Just so you know, BeatzCoin has specifically mentioned that it has no plans to abandon the Tron network, and getting to the additional Ethereum network is only a way to ensure that interoperability features can be offered to the users.

Finer Details

Another reason behind the migration is the large network and blockchain operations that can be operated on the Ethereum platform. There won’t be any change in the total of 3 billion supply of the BeatzCoin, but the shift will definitely make way to more efficient transactions and low-cost processing operations. As before, the practical use of BeatzCoin on its music and video sharing platform VibraVid will continue to remain intact in the future.

Syscoin platform that is being used here by BeatzCoin is widely known for its capability to provide seamless access to and from the Ethereum network. The very first task for the BeatzCoin was to create this platform, and to accomplish that, the Syscoin platform token (SPT) was conceptualized with the help of Syscoin blockchain.

It is important to note that the attributes of the SPT are exactly similar to the erc20 BeatzCoin. The reason behind using the Syscoin Platform is the high speed and low cost associated with its protocols, especially when compared against Ethereum. The transaction speed and cost-efficiency were found to be way superior on Syscoin, which prompted BeatzCoin to go ahead with the creation of the Syscoin platform.


It is indeed an important development, and thanks to the interoperability feature that now has been exhibited in the BeatzCoin, users will be able to make transactions with a wide range of platforms at higher speeds and low-cost. 

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