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ASSEMBLE Comes Out with Metrics Detailing Token Issuance Plan

An integrative global platform’s utility on a blockchain is well-acknowledged and revered today. ASSEMBLE protocol is one such global platform that helps the business ecosystem flourish in the market through its ASM tokens usage. The tokens can be used for multiple purposes, including monetization, utilization, and integrating various stakeholders, including customers and retailers.

Project Details

Recently, ASSEMBLE protocol revealed its plan to issue tokens through the initial coin offering (ICO). According to the company, the total number of 1,500,000,000 ASM coins will be issued and out of which, roughly one-fourth of the coins (375,000,000) have been sold through the ICO.

Strategic partners and marketing constitute 15% of tokens’ sales, while 30% and 12% of the total number have been dedicated to the ecosystem and development activities. 10% of the total number is being reserved, while 5% each have gone to team and founders, advisers, and early supporters.

Finer Details on Proceeds

Once the fundraising activity completes, 30% each of the sales proceeds will be employed in sales and marketing and development activities. The rest 40% will be equally divided into operation and business activities and other efforts category. The company also stated that the profit allocated to ASSEMBLE would be utilized in the marketing, promotion, operations, and meeting other financial obligations related to the project. The company will also use the money to buy back ASM to ensure that price stabilization can be achieved for the token.


Keeping the people and potential investors informed on the various aspects of the token sales is indeed a good strategy on the part of ASSEMBLE protocol. This will help the ASM to gain confidence among the investors while projecting a fair and genuine image of the company in the minds of potential buyers.

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