Will Stellar (XLM) Manage to Sustain the Current Stability?

Stellar News Today:

The Stellar Development Foundation has distributed an order that outlines its arrangements for future spending, mainly for further growth of the coin. As of December 20, 9 billion XLM has already been moved to three escrow accounts set to open every year until 2023. The remainder of the assets will be dispersed throughout the following ten years or sooner.

Stellar Price Prediction:

XLM coin was traded at $0.050000 on December 16, 2019, with an upward movement. Soon because of a sharp price drop, the coin price reached $0.046944. After that, Stellar Lumens recorded a series of falls that happened at a gradual pace, and hence, the currency reached $0.042385 on the next day with an 8.22% fall. XLM price was traded at the lowest price of $0.042230 on December 18, 2019, but soon traded upwards to $0.047782 with a good 13% rise. Post this hike; the movement has been at a slow pace without any drastic changes. At present, Stellar cryptocurrency is reflecting a stable upward movement.

The XLM coin is showing a rise of 2.28% today since yesterday’s prices. The price may rise slightly to reach its immediate resistance of $0.046450 soon. In the upcoming weeks, the currency may get traded near its next resistance of $0.051.

We predict that this is a good time to purchase new coins as per the present trend of Stellar Lumens. Since the last week, XLM has shown a mixed trend but a couple of sharp rises and falls. CMF indicator also indicates the uptrend for the coin.

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