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What Is a Betting Unit and How It’s Used in Sports Betting?


It is no overselling to say that sports betting is a fun and entertaining way of making money, and that is why it is so popular and successful among bettors. However, the thing about money is that it can go faster than it comes, and that is why people should learn about money management in sports betting. People are desperate to win and earn money in sports betting, so it is crucial to manage your money so that you don’t lose all of it. In this article, we will talk about betting unit and bankroll management to teach you more about money management in sports betting.  

What Is Bitcoin Sports Betting?

The involvement of bitcoin in sports betting has changed the dynamics of sports betting. Due to bitcoin, the advantages of sports betting have increased, and the entire betting process is now more secure, safe, and fast. People are now more confident about sports betting because now they can place a bet by using bitcoin as a payment option instead of fiat money. There is no doubt that paying with bitcoin is faster and more secure. If you want to place a bet using bitcoin, then all you need to do is find a good BTC sports betting website, create an account, add Bitcoin and place a bet on your favorite sports, tournament, player, or team. Bitcoin has made sports betting more accessible and easier.

What Is a Betting Unit?

Many people do not know about betting units, and it is necessary to know about them if you’re looking to manage your money. A betting unit is used to determine the size of the bet before it is placed. It is a percentage amount of your overall bankroll. For example, if you have 10,000$ as a bankroll, and you decide to use 10% of that amount to place a bet, then your betting unit size will be 1000$. This 1000$ is known as a betting unit.

How Are Units Used in the Betting World?

The next crucial step of learning money management or bankroll management is learning about using units in the betting world. Most of the successful bettors usually 1% of their bankroll amount as a betting unit, and it is the most common and popular way of managing your bankroll. People usually keep the size of their betting unit consistent by placing bets of the same betting unit size. The best way of using units is by making a unit of 1% of your bankroll. Once people become good at sports betting, then they use up to 5% of their bankroll amount as a betting unit.

Unit Size and Bankroll Management

Unit size is a percentage amount of your bankroll, and it can be the same or different for each bet. However, it is advised to keep the size of your betting unit the same for each betting event. This consistency ensures that you are using your money wisely. Some people like aggressive betting, and they have different unit sizes, and that is why they lose their money rather quickly. Consistent unit size is the best way of bankroll management, and people who like to manage their bankroll often rely on this strategy.


So, that was our detailed analysis of the betting unit and its use in sports betting. There is no denying the fact that betting units play a crucial role in bankroll management, and the size of your betting unit tells a lot about your style of betting and the size of your bankroll. We hope that now you understand the value of the betting unit, and now that you know why you should have a consistent betting unit, we are sure that you’ll manage your bankroll nicely.


When Was Sports Betting Legalized?

In May 2018, sports betting was legalized, and now the legal status of sports betting depends entirely on an individual state. As a result, many states have legalized sports betting. 

Which States in the US Have Legal Sports Betting?

Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia are some of the names that come to mind while talking about Legal sports betting. 

Can You Bet on Sports Online?

Yes, you can bet on sports online, given that sports betting is legal in the state you’re residing in, and make sure to check the legal status of sports betting before placing a bet to avoid any kind of legal trouble.

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