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Vontobel, Major Private Swiss Bank, Offers Institutional Clients Regulated Crypto Custody

As per the official press release published on January 14, 2018, Switzerland’s major private investment bank Vontobel has propelled a cryptocurrency keeping answer directing asset managers and banks.

Zurich-based Vontobel bank is allegedly the 3rd largest monetary safekeeping provider in Switzerland, according to the company’s financial report in 2017 it has 110.3 billion CHF in assets under its vigorously emerging Asset Management tool. With the start of the new digital assets solution called as Digital Asset Vault, the private bank entitles to be the first bank in the nation to fulfill with standards needed by both financial mediators as well as industry regulators. The new tool will let the asset managers and banks to allow their customers an amount of cryptocurrency related services such as digital assets purchases, storage and transfers.

It came as no surprise that a Swiss bank recently decided to develop the first in the country to provide business accounts to cryptocurrency firms. Swiss banks have always been known for their customer alignment that, it has mostly been connected to the confidentiality and privacy when it comes to their clients’ accounts. Today, as more and more Swiss are attentive in the cryptocurrency world investors and as creators of startups both together can bank products are in the procedure of being modified.

The investing market is emerging its proposals by counting trading of cryptocurrency assets among the products accessible to their customers. Swissquote, a significant bank in the country, is at present providing its clients an extensive variety of services for cryptocurrency trading as it is confirmed by Marc Bürki, the corporation’s CEO:

“Cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular, more quickly than anyone expected. By offering them on our platform, investing in cryptocurrencies becomes simpler, safer and accessible to all.”
Vontobel was the first to launch an investment product on bitcoin in Switzerland in July 2016 and Germany in November 2016 and Bitcoin was the second most traded tool by income as well as by dealings in Germany.

About Vontobel Investment Banking:

Vontobel Asset Banking creates particular investment explanations for institutional and private customers. It follows a client-centered digital commercial model, achieves dangers judiciously, and make captivating provision packages to get its customers ahead. The firm highlights on genuinely considerate its customer requirement. It uses its skill to antedate trend setbacks, dangers as well as occasions, to positively feat them. It only does, what its dominant solutions its beliefs in. The company takes clear decisions and act with determination and is proud of its specialized offering, which comprises related products, business banking, business finance, brokerage, as well as solutions for External Investment Advisors, and digital platforms.

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