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Ford, LG to Pilot IBM Blockchain in Fight Against Child Labor

IBM has acknowledged two independent missions that aim to trace offer chains for the metals commercial victimization the Hyperledger material blockchain platform.

In the initial project, a cobalt batch would be leaving the Democratic Republic of Congo mine in the coming month, would be refined in China, then move to an electric battery manufacturing unit in Korea and then eventually reach the Ford manufacturing plant in the USA as an electric battery for an electric automobile car. The whole journey of the battery would be embedded onto the blockchain, IBM asserted.

Besides Ford and IBM, this project would include Huayou Cobalt, RCS Global, and LG Chem. The participants can maintain a permission blockchain engineered by IBM to register and track every progress. 

Chawla said,

Blockchain is that the best technology to produce a time period access to all or any the due diligence processes, give visibility to the provision chain from the miners to the market.

Chawla further added,

Our role in IBM is that we tend to area unit conveyance individuals along for this project and developing the platform.

Project director, RCS Global Jonathan Ellermann said that the RCS monitors would not have to be there for the entire period as the monitoring at the initial stage would be done on a responsible and reliable mining site.

RCS would audit the data as shared by the mine. The workers of RCS would be responsible for the tagging. The audit results would be stored off-chain on the IBM server.

IBM began operating with RCS world in the previous year.

Chawla said,

They savvy the provision chain audit has to be placed in situ, perceive the civil mapping aspect of the provision chain, and that we perceive the digital aspect of it.

Initially, every participant can keep its node as a validator, he said, however as a lot of corporations be part of, they’ll even have the choice to own their node supported by IBM on their behalf.

Hyperledger technology can enable the participating entities to decide on which data is obtainable for their partners only and which may be seen by other entities outside. Regulators and other prominent government agencies conjointly ought to be ready to read the knowledge recorded within the system; the guidelines regarding third parties and their involvement would be decided as the project progresses.

If this project is successful, IBM is hopeful of seeing the participation of electronics manufacturers, supply chain audit firms, and automakers in the project or similar projects.

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