Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission approves the country’s first portal for (ICOs)

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has allowed the country and its first portal for getting examined the initial coin offerings (ICOs).

As per a recent report published in Bangkok Post, the choice was completed by the SEC’s board of directors and as per the activity’s manager of fintech, Archari Suppiro it now requires a concluding endorsement and support from other administrative bodies like the Ministry of Commerce.

Originally, the Thai SEC intended to clear the first ICO portal to function lawfully last November, with plans to favor each ICO offering, which may begin in December.

The doorway is being industrialized to protect savers by examining ICOs and reviewing their keen contracts, as well as contradicting monetary corruptions by safeguarding sound KYC procedures. The SEC will give the instructions on collection regulations and centers to take care of the tokenization and to alter the responsibility of connected gatherings like the monetary underwriters and advisers.

Suppiroj further told the Post that about seven or eight companies had formerly referred with the SEC overworking the gateway and that an unidentified foreign company had ultimately been accepted.

As per him, “We can trade property, diamonds, gold or even intellectual property with a T+0 settlement [period] on digital platforms,” said Mr. Jirayut. “The market has high potential to grow because the law has been set. “Thailand has a supportive environment where lawyers and regulators understand the new global movement [on virtual asset classes],” said Mr. Jirayut. Some startups use blockchain in the asset digitization process such as Everledger, a tech startup that offers an authentication platform to keep a single print of the reference number of diamonds and vintage wines to use as the reference for the trading.

In the month of February 2018, Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly accepted an alteration to the Securities and Exchange Act decriminalizing the issuance of tokenized securities like the bonds and stocks from entities other than the Thailand Securities Depository.

In December 2018 the Thai SEC even announced its plans to reflect untying rules that form an obstacle to ICOs, though there will be caps on contribution.

Tipsuda Thavaramara, general secretary of the Thai SEC then said:

“The proposed guideline is an attempt to find greater equilibrium in the regulatory process and reduce regulatory impediments while taking risk management and investor protection into account.”

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