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Tapio protocol raises $4 million & ensures unified liquidity

Tapio is an enterprise that has been actively involved in developing various DeFi protocols on Ethereum since early 2018. However, this time over, it has successfully garnered a seed round funding amount of $4 million from investors such as Hypersphere and Arrington, with Polychain taking the lead. However, this will effectively lay the path for a more equalized liquidity quality and parameters for Polkadot.

Tapio, on its part, is an artificial asset protocol. The main highlighting feature of the entity is its ability to provide a suitable platform. However, this, coupled with it, is the offering of effective ways and means of having access to well-worked liquidity meant for staking and crowd loan spin-offs. It is also capable of erasing liquidity silos that are in place. However, this is effectively conducted by creating various artificial spin-off formats.  

Tapio officially launched at the beginning of 202. During this time, they successfully generated the first Web3 Foundation Open Grant funding for themselves. In the present, Tapio boasts of possessing, within their confines, an envious list of investors, engineers, entrepreneurs of various kinds, and experts in all matters of safety and security.

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