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Memecoins fuel sets monthly DEX trading records

The trader activity has outperformed 2021’s best month by nearly $25 billion, taking memecoin trading to an all-time high. A transaction volume of $261 billion was recorded in March 2024, and Ethereum and Solana were the top performers in March 2024. Solana belongs to the breed of most popular memecoins in the market, and prominent memecoins reached an all-time high in recent months. Famous memecoins captured media attention in 2023 and 2024. The Solana DEX trading volume has hit a monthly ATH of $60 billion, and investors all over the world have expressed interest in memecoins within the Solana ecosystem.

Dogwifhat, Bonk, Book of Meme, and Slerf are top performers in the Solana ecosystem. The price of other memecoins on the Solana ecosystem, like Popcat, has risen in recent months. The memecoin market is notoriously volatile, and purchasing memecoins has recently gained popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Solana’s market value demonstrates the exponential growth and participation in the decentralized finance arena. The memecoin market has always been vibrant, and the base network is experiencing record DEX volumes and transactions.

The Base network is experiencing a significant increase in network activity as memecoin trade on Base gets traction. March was a momentous month for Base, and the CoinBase-powered Layer 2 network has always been a trendsetter, with all-time high transaction and trade volumes. It has been discovered that the primary engine of the Base network’s recent expansion is unusual. Memecoins and other crypto markets will achieve new heights of perfection in the coming days. Base continues to make headlines for its amazing performance and has broken its record several times.

It is worth noting that daily transactions and trading volumes on Base Network have recently reached all-time highs. Base is widely expected to become the next memecoin hub, representing the era of high-frequency memecoin trade. Top-rated memecoins on the Base platform increased by up to 200% in March, and there has been a lot of buzz around memecoins recently. The Base Network has a strong trajectory and is regarded as one of the industry’s best protocols. It is quite certain that the Base network will maintain its velocity and consistent growth trajectory in the near future.

Market analysts have voiced alarm over Base Network’s record DEX activity, questioning whether it is a transient rise or a long-term trend. The spike in base second layer network volume resulted in record high memecoin trading volumes. The previous March month was notable for Base’s impressive development, and Base achieved a new record of 2.3 million transactions in March 2024.

Base’s decentralized exchanges achieved record-breaking volumes, and memecoins have significantly impacted the Base network. Memecoins such as Degen, Brett, and Mfers have market capitalizations that exceed $1.5 billion. Memecoin explosion, together with Base Network Growth, indicates a probable fee increase, and it is worth noting that decentralized exchanges on Solana had a wonderful time recently as meme coins like Dogwifhat continued their glorious ride.

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