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Input Output Global Hard Forking Cardano Testnet for Vasil Update

The Input Output Global (IOG) team recently tweeted about hard forking the Cardano Testnet. The platform will finalize the development at 20:20 UTC, which will help in the Vasil upgrade.

The upcoming upgrade will be conducted on the mainnet. The venture released a string of ten tweets to provide real-time information to users. After the initial announcement, the IOS team invited SPOs, exchanges, and developers to build on the testnet with integration procedures.

As a complex program, Vasil requires multiple approvals and tests. Input Output Global asked the projects to check their backward compatibility. In addition, they asked the SPOs to make the necessary scripting modifications.

Soon after the announcement, the IOG community requested the team for four weeks after the hard fork. This period will be used to help exchanges, developers, and SPOs to test and modify before the mainnet hard fork is triggered.

The IOG team will be closely collaborating with the Cardano Foundation. In addition, several dApp and tools developers and exchanges will help the projects facilitate the process. Once they are confident about the ecosystem partners, the update proposal will be submitted. The proposal will initiate the up-gradation of the Cardano mainnet into Vasil.

The upcoming upgrade will bring huge capability and performance upgrades to the Cardano network. One of these modifications is an increased throughput via diffusion pipelining. It will offer a better experience to developers using improved efficiency, lower costs, and script performance.

It will also account for Cardano cryptographic primitives modifications, a new cost model, and a tuned Plutus interpreter. All of these are a part of the Plutus V-2 scripts. Vasil is by far the most ambitious upgrade the IOG team has undertaken. 

Its caliber and the involvement of the entire community make its execution even more critical. The entire IOG staff is trying to establish a safe and smooth hard fork, which will go on for weeks.

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