IBM has recently announced the commercial availability of its food safety blockchain based platform. After 18 months of testing, IBM’s blockchain-based food traceability platform is now live for global use by retailers, wholesalers and suppliers across the food ecosystem.

This system uses distributed ledger blockchain technology to track food throughout the entire supply chain by tagging each actionable event which happens to an auditable historical record. Using the platform, it increases accountability and traceability. It enables supply chain management to isolate batches and shipments when foodborne contamination detects.

IBM food Trust network represents the continuation of more than a year of a pilot test with many retailers and the food suppliers. It includes Tyson Foods, Golden State Foods, Nestle, Wal- Mart Stores Inc, and McCormick and Co. These firms formed a consortium in combination with IBM to use its Food safety blockchain to protect consumers and enhance trust.

When a response is shared, the currency of trust needs to be achieved in the area of food safety. It was said by the senior Vice-president of IBM Global Industries.

IBM used its blockchain pilot companies to build a robust network of members along the entire food supply chain which works together to create end- to- end audibility.

Food trust Blockchain network will be used all across more than 12000 stores spanning 33 countries at launch. Carrefour will select only a few branded products at starting to highlight consumer confidence. The company also plans to roll the platform out to all of its products by 2022 the entire globe.

Several firms are joining IBM Food Trust representing 49 members and reaching almost 15000 stores and 65 million customers weekly. The IBM Food Trust blockchain network becomes available today the entire world. It runs on IBM Cloud and the features enterprise-class reliability, security and the scalability for all the participants. The technology under the hood relies on Hyperledger Fabric. It is an open- source blockchain framework which is hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Participants can select three different service modules. It is with the pricing scaled for small, medium and the global enterprises. Suppliers can contribute data at no cost. Global enterprises are at the beginning at 100 USD per month.

The Food Trust platform is comprised of three modules. The tracing module facilitates the tracking of food products throughout the ecosystem and across borders, the certification module verifies the provenance of products that have been digitally certified as organic or fair trade, and the data entry and access module gives growers and supply chain intermediaries the ability to upload, manage and access their data within the system.

Pricing for the trace and certification modules starts at $100 per month and is tiered differently for small, medium and large businesses. The data entry and access module is available for use without charge.

The privacy of the different supply networks would be secured with the cryptographic capabilities of the blockchain while also allowing third parties. It is like regulators and the auditors. It is verified the accesses of the data.

The IBM Food Trust Network is available for commercial use. It is for a subscription service for the members of the food ecosystem to join.