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Ethereum’s ‘The Machines Arena’ hits Epic Store & Android

The highly anticipated Ethereum-based hero shooter game Machines Arena (TMA), currently in the closed beta phase, will be moved to an open beta stage this coming week. So, TMA creators Directive Games have decided to make the game available to Android users. The game can also be downloaded from the Epic Games store or the game developers’ website starting April 23. Finally, TMA uses Ronin as a sidechain of Ethereum.

Now, after the open beta release, the TMA game is playable both on PC and Android devices through the Mavis Hub, which is a launching platform for the Ronin gaming network. Such development will provide more people with access to TMA gameplay.

“We’re excited to open up TMA to a broader audience after rigorous months of development, fine-tuning, and invaluable feedback from our community,” the company announced. “This marks a significant step towards making our game more accessible on a variety of platforms.”

Besides scaling the materials of their games, Directive Games has also designed a novelty called “familiars.” These are rare creatures that players can collect and use in every battle. Nevertheless, more details on how magic familiars will function will be revealed next week.

In the past, we know that TMA has yet to prioritize this matter in introducing Web3 components into the game. In July of last year, Directive Games referred to the possibility of in-game clothing ever being converted from non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The declaration was advanced when the player who joined the beta testing could create NFT skins and trade them on the Ronin network by the end of February.

By implementing the open beta, TMA is increasing its exposure in the cryptosphere and making its name more prominent. The developers have planned a play-to-airdrop approach, which will be announced during beta testing. Our campaign will be geared towards motivating players with prizes distributed to players in the top ranks on individual and team leaderboards. The hints of the team are pointing to the fact that there might be opportunities for token drops in the roadmap of the campaign.

Directive Games is wholly committed to sustaining players’ interest and involvement throughout the beta stage by regularly issuing updates like new maps, styles, collector items that can be generated from mints, and other enriching features. On the flip side, part of our strategy introduces different community events and contests that elevate the game.

The rewards of participants participating in the closed beta period will only be valid if redeemed by April 22. This transition to open beta is a critical progress landmark for TMA in combining traditional gaming with state-of-the-art blockchain technology, providing a dynamic game experience for its ever-growing community.

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